Not a word I thought I’d ever use. Mostly because it’s obviously made up but also probably because I never truly imagined myself being in this position. But it happened twice today. The first when Boaz ran all the way through the woods and home singing “driving really fast, driving really fast. Toot toot. Beep beep. Driving really fast”. Only slowing down to catch your breath when you occasionally sang the other verse “driving really slowly”. The energy and unbridled joy as you sped along in your ‘pick up truck’ was infectious and made me beam.

And then after a long day visiting Gnunu, playing at Southway and going swimming, Elza prompted the second heartbursting occasion when she fell asleep in my arms. You are the little girl that hasn’t stopped jumping since you were 9 weeks old. People always comment that you just don’t stop. I half jokingly tell them that’s how I stay so slim! For most of your 10 months you have so rarely been content with just being held, you want to look around, pick something up, get down, climb the stairs. So when you wrapped your legs around me and put your head on my shoulder and held onto my top, I just held you with one arm under your bottom and another gently on your back and held you and swayed gently in the dark. I didn’t even put you down when I heard and felt your gentle snores. Eventually though Boaz needed tucking up in bed, one last story and a goodnight kiss so I had to put you in your cot and for a while you lay in the same position you’d been clinging to me. Thank you for a gorgeous moment.