Just an update

Elza has now mastered her crawling and moves at quite a speed across the floor, scuppered only by slippery surfaces. You’ve also managed to figure out how to stand up in your cot while still encased in your sleeping bag. It’s half hit and miss at the moment so some mornings we find you bouncing happily in the dark before we have a chance to get you up and other mornings we’re awakened to find you face flat against the side and arms through the bars when you’ve misjudged the distance your feet need to be from the side in order to stand upright.

Boaz has had a bit of a thing about his light being left on at night. You’re still perfectly happy to stay in bed but I’ll come up an hour later and you’ll still be awake, talking to a train, your fork lift truck or dog dog. Aba’s solution was to give you a torch rather than leave your lamp on, which sometimes works and we’ll find you fast asleep with it still on. But to be honest I eventually decided cold turkey was better and just turned off the light despite your protestations. I thought it had worked a treat until Aba just found you still in your sleeping bag (you spilt water on your duvet and pjs just before bed) curled up in the floor by your bed. I didn’t hear a bump so I suspect you climbed out to play in the dark and fell asleep clutching a slipper that was hiding under your bed. I gently scooped you up and put you back to bed. Aba has been at his office Christmas party so I am taking his duties tonight!


And she’s off!

Having mastered the backwards crawl pretty quickly, on Saturday 1st December Elza showed us her front crawl too. And very impressive it is. Not quite the speed of when you’re in your walker and we have to jump out of your way to avoid being run over (which your brother hasn’t quite mastered yet) but a definite forwards movement.

We’ve even taken the chair out of your room so you have more space but to be honest all you still want to do is stand up and walk around. Mostly holding onto people’s hands and going up the stairs but you’re quite happy holding onto the bed or bath and just standing and bouncing with that wonderful smile and laugh!