What I say…

When asked what he wanted to do after lunch today Boaz told me, “play for just 5 minutes, then sleep”. Then just before your bath you run off in just your towel and say, “in a few minutes” and hide under it. You have also started to tell us, “no, I don’t want that” or “I don’t want any more”. And the classic “these socks are yucky”.

Considering you had just one word to your vocabulary back in January – we think it was train but it might just as easily have been anything starting tr – it has veritably exploded since then. We reckon you had about 50 words at 18 months – including aba and ima, banas (sic), train, truck and track.

Now it’s well over 200 and your sentences are coming along beautifully. ‘Bus’ turned into ‘red bus’ then ‘big red bus’ and now ‘big red bus drives down road’.

But the funniest is how you learn from listening to how other people talk. As well as mimicking reasonably difficult words that you obviously don’t understand, you also pick up phrases like aba’s ‘uh, uh, uh’ and my ‘god’s sake’.

You have become surprisingly bossy with your new found dialect especially towards your little sister, “no, Elza don’t touch those trains” and “Elza, don’t do that”.

And definitely the most confusing has been trying to teach you ‘mine’ and ‘yours’. For weeks you’ve been saying, “it’s yours, it’s yours” you mean ‘it’s mine’. And then when you finally get it right we cheer and say “that’s right, it’s yours” which throws you back into confusion.

Silly billys! (Clever clogs, bossy boots!)


All fours

Elza is on her way to crawling!

Having done a great job of sitting at around 6 months you’re now starting to move onto your hands, manoeuvre yourself from sitting onto your knees, stretch forward – and so far that’s about as far as you’ve got. But like everything you do, your determination is great and you keep at it which means you’ve already made great strides in just a week! I think the lure of reaching Boaz’s toys is the best goal.