Hurrah for the sling

Elza is the happiest and giggliest little baby. You’ll crack a smile for almost anyone if they take the time to talk to you. Boaz has already discovered that he can stand and laugh right up close to your face and you’ll indulge him by laughing back. And you love joining in conversations – chattering away in your beautiful sing song voice.

But up until now if I’ve tried to put you in a sling, the screeching is more than I can bear. You do not like to be held in a cuddle, you much preder to be held facing outwards, sitting on my hip is also fine but add a sling and the howling erupts.

Finally, almost 5 months old I figured we should try facing outwards again and it’s been a revelation. You love looking around, seeing what’s going on, bobbing around strapped to my front and I’ve for 2 hands free to get on with things like chopping veggies and emptying the dishwasher – how domesticated. You’re yet to fall asleep on it though which is what your brother loved doing, I think it was the rocking, a bit like a train!