ABC and allotments

Boaz fell asleep singing the ABC song to himself. You’re remarkably good at it, you miss a few letters out and Aba says you make up some too but I love the fact that you always include the little ditty at the end. I won’t be surprised if you dream of gardening – we went to the allotments this afternoon to have a quick inspection. Courgettes are a favourite and we saw lots of flowers and some fruit. You get very excited about ‘jasmine’ ‘climbing’, not that there was any there, but equally as fascinating are the runner beans, which also climb!

Elza fell asleep without her dummy and looks serene lying on her back, arms and legs stretched out wide. Little mouse is lying next to you staring into the mirror of the ‘aba, ima, baby’ book. You really hate the sling, you much prefer to sit on my hip, helped today by the funny ‘hippychick’ contraption aunty Tal gave us. Will have to try you in the karrime facing outwards, I just can’t fathom that you’re already big enough for that – where has 4.5 months gone!!