No more the ‘howling beast’

When you started nursery at the beginning of September your Aba definitely had the harder role. Having been with you for a couple of settling in days I was prepared for it to be a bit tricky as you adjusted to being left there 2.5 days a week. It was an unfamiliar place, people you didn’t know and a whole load of other children. I felt most bad that you wouldn’t be getting my sole, undivided attention, that they couldn’t care for you in the same devoted way I had, everyday for almost a whole year.

But then your Aba described the first day he dropped you off and how you were like a ‘howling beast’ and all my other fears were cast aside as I panicked about the trauma we were subjecting you to by leaving you there. At work I’d listen to other parents talk about how long it took their kids to settle in, how their kids still had the same reaction and they were in primary school. But I’d race home at the end of the day to pick you up and scoop you into my arms, teary faced, having found comfort in sleeping for long stretches of the day and often still with your dummy in.

And then we had a break and for four weeks over the chagim you were either at home with us or with Savtal, where you were always so happy when I came to pick you up. You became more confident finding your way around their house, ever more besotted with Tazzie and charmed them all as they got to spend meaningful time with you.

So you can understand that we were slightly apprehensive to send you back after seeing how good day care could be! And the first few days were difficult as you settled back in and got used to everyone again.


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