the smiler

It some how seems apt to be writing this now. It’s just gone 7.30pm and you’re not fast asleep – which is rare, so rare I can’t remember it happening before. It’s probably just your teething finally coming to a head but it’s so unlike you I’m not entirely sure what to do. So I’ve flipped you back over onto your back to look at your birds and the mobile and try to suck your toe through the grobag and I’ve sat down to write this.

You are the most incredible baby. You sleep anywhere. And all we have to do is put you face down on a bed (preferably double), give you your rabbit and a dummy within reach and leave you to get on with it. People have been astonished and so impressed – and dare I say it several mummies have been rather jealous. Whether you know the room or not, during the day or in the evening, it’s been a joy to take you to people’s houses. And when you reappear you just need a bottle and you’re the centre of the party, standing on your feet and bouncing on everyone’s laps.

And you smile at everyone. The strange lady in the street, the green bin recycling man, the friend who comes to admire you. Whether you’re on top form or exhausted and in a grump, you look up with your big eyes and come out with this wonderful smile. It makes everyone’s day better and no-one can believe a baby could be such a smiler.

It’s 7.45pm and you’ve fallen asleep on your back. It must be your teeth because you couldn’t sleep at lunchtime and you were off your food and teatime. The only real smile I got out of you today was in the bath.

I suppose I had better back-track a bit – it’s been a while since my last blog. Speaking of which, right after I’d written it and told Aba, he informed me that you’d been grabbing your feet in the bath for a while, you just hadn’t done it for me. Well, your feet have become of more and more interest since then. You started by grabbing them, you tried for ages to get them near your mouth, you learnt that it was easier to get a grip on your socks, you learnt they came off if you pulled them (although you haven’t made a habit of that – they tend to come off on their own as you’re bouncing around). And finally this evening you actually got your big toe in your mouth and had a right suck on it. You looked very pleased with yourself and even repeated it for the camera.

Another milestone has been sitting unsupported. It happened on Thursday 15th March when you were 6 months and 1 week old! As I’ve written before, you’d been trying for ages, toning those core muscles and then all of a sudden with no fanfare, you sat bolt upright on your mat as though you’d been doing it for months. It’s made so much difference – I can now put you down without having to worry that you’re lying in the middle of the bathroom floor. It’s also changed the way you play with your toys. You were no longer happy just lying on your play mat, which has now been mothballed in favour of the rubber ring (in which you still manage to get stuck in a reclining position) and the quilt. You suddenly have a new perspective on the world and now you want to play with things that are more interesting than stuffed toys. Favourites are the measuring spoons, a couple of plastic blocks you were given and now stacking cups your grand dad gave you this weekend. Actually you still love the Aba, Ima, Baby, Boaz soft book and monkey is never far away.

You’ve also started using the walker and although a bit hesitant at first, you’re now starting to master it, navigating between the armchair and the bookcase and around the table, grabbing anything that you can reach and displaying your treasure on the tray in front of you. The kitchen is also a favourite where you can admire your reflection in the brabantia bin, grab wooden spoons off the shelf during pesach and now we’ll have to figure out how to stop you from opening the draws and cupboards. You’re not quite racing around in it yet but you’re not far off and it’s wonderful to watch you, as long as you stay away from the corners of the table – another thing to baby proof.


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