Woohoo – an update!

You rolled over. Of course neither of us saw you do it. You were on your play mat (the quilt nanny had made for you) on your front, I was in the kitchen making some breakfast and Aba was at work and when I came back into the living room you were on your back! You’ve not done it again, in fact we’re not sure you know how to because every time you try one of your arms seems to be in the way. But we’ll wait and after a bit more bottom in the air swinging from side to side we’re sure you’ll master it.

We’re still waiting for a tooth – your tongue is permanently in the bottom right hand side of your mouth so we think that’s where the first one is slowly coming through. But before that happens we may be starting to introduce you to food – we’re waiting until you’re 6 months old (so only a couple more weeks to go!) and will try something called Baby Led Weaning where we give you sticks of food to explore and play with rather than feeding you endless purees with a spoon. We’ll see how it goes but the reason we wait until you’re 6 months is to make sure you can sit and support yourself and get things to your mouth, because you’ll pretty much be feeding yourself.

You’ve only just started showing an interest in what we’re eating and drinking. It started with my tea in the morning, after you’d drunk your milk your little eyes would follow my mug to my lips and then down again. Then you started staring as I ate, watching my spoon or the piece of toast and now you’ve started to reach out to try and grab things – today it was my glass of water while we were at Gnunu’s and at lunch it was the challah on the board. This is why we waited to wean you – so that you’re really curious to discover what the whole eating thing is about. Saying that, it’s not just food that’s being grabbed these days, the standing lamp was targeted this morning and I can’t say I blame you, it’s an entirely new feeling and texture. Aba says the shower curtain has been a new touchy feely experience and our shaggy rug on the living room floor is an exciting new texture.

Sitting is going really well – you still don’t have the ram rod straight back babies need to sit up themselves – but you no longer need us to support you completely. In fact you can sit in a slightly bent forward position and balance yourself, just needing our support stop you falling to the side.  It’s introduced a whole new element of play, you love it when we take your hands and help you pull yourself up from lying flat to sitting, then you can lean forward and reach for your toys and play with them. It’s come in very useful in the bath where you sit and play with your duck and floating toys with only a one of our hands on your back. And in the rubber ring where you always looked a bit uncomfortable but now you sit leaning forward slightly and enjoying what’s in there with you – most recently some silver foil which made a fantastic crinkly noise when you touched it.

Your hands are also learning to work better together and we see your co-ordination improving all the time. You’ve mastered getting things to your mouth, whereas before you were grabbing stuff but then ending up gnawing on your hands. Bigger things are easier – stuffed animals and floating toys get sucked on for a bit. But smaller things are still more difficult – you don’t quite have the control you need so plastic rings and teething toys reach your mouth and then come back out. I figured your control would improve even more over the next couple of weeks so you can actually get to enjoy the first food we give you!!

It’s amazing to see how you instinctively know what to do to develop your skills – whether it’s the tummy crunches, the babbling and high pitched noises, constantly handling things – and teaching yourself to crawl is no exception. Lying on your tummy you move your little arms and legs vigorously as though you were swimming through the water, now all you need to do is start doing it with your hands and knees on the floor and you’ll be well on your way.

And just finally, I can’t remember if I wrote about your new high pitched noises, they’re great although we are trying to ignore them to a certain extent so you don’t get the idea they’re for everyday use.  


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