Still waiting for a tooth!

You’ve been chewing your hands for almost 3 months now and still no tooth! But we have a feeling it’s finally on its way because you’ve started poking your tongue out of the side of your mouth and Aba is convinced he can feel a tooth trying to break through. It’s really difficult watching you struggle with the discomfort, chewing on everything you can get your hands on and so many of the toys we thought would be useful are just rubbish because they’re either too big for you to gnaw on or they’re not the right shape or you spend more time poking yourself in the eye than getting it in your mouth. Fingers seem to offer the best relief, either your own or ours, as well as pieces of clothing – your muslin, my scarf, Aba’s shirt. 
But your hand co-ordination is coming along fabulously. Savtal remarked today how you can pass things between your hands – they are certainly working better together but I thought you were just grabbing with one and then letting go with the other, seems I underestimated your development. And you’re now able to get things into your mouth, they just don’t stay there very long. It will be interesting to see what happens when we start weaning you. Up until now you’ve not shown much interest in food so we weren’t in a hurry to do it but in the last week or so you’ve started watching us intently as we drink and looking quizzically as we eat. It was very funny today when we stopped in a car park off the M1 to feed you on our way up to see Big Nic and you were more interested in watching me drink my hot chocolate than you were on drinking your milk. I think if we can we’ll hold out a couple more weeks until you’re 6 months – i’m already working on the menu for your first few weeks!! 

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