4 months old

Before your hands find each other I have to write an update. At about 3 months old you started to really grab things. Before that we’d tried to put a rattle or toy in your hand but you weren’t really aware it was there. Then you started putting your hands in your mouth at every opportunity, discovering them by licking and slobbering on them. And then you started to grab hold and keep hold of things and put them in your mouth. It meant we could put you in your rocking chair with a toy and you’d sit and maul it.

Favourite things to grab and slobber include the geometric wooden toy the Kirrages gave you because the elastic is small enough for you to hold onto. The ears and feet of your rabbits. We bought you a rattle for chanukah which has different textured surface and although at first I was a bit concerned at the pointy bits going in your eyes because you didn’t have control of your arms and they’d sometimes go flying, you seem to have got the hang of it now. We added a monkey to your play mat with plastic rings attached which you love to suck on every morning and your newest friend is a lion which Tash and Eugene bought from South Africa. At first you were a bit scared by its roar but now you love grabbing its main with both hands as you lie on your back.

You also started holding onto our hands as you were feeding. It started with you grabbing our fingers either side of the bottle and now you sometimes put your hands on the bottle as you feed.

Savtal asked if your hands had found each other yet and I realised what she meant. You’re starting to grab things with both hands and one hand will often grab the other, but I don’t think you’ve yet realised you’ve got two of them and they can work together. They’re still pretty independent of each other but I’m sure it won’t be long before they connect.

And your hair has grown so much. It started as little black fluff when you were born. Then at about 12 weeks you started growing the odd long hair and then it slowly took over and now it’s getting thicker and longer and (dare we say it) blonder!

Your mobile is still the number one chillout toy. You can lie and watch it for hours, whether the music is playing or not, and I know when it’s stopped because you call out from your cot, questioning why it’s not moving any more and settling down the moment I turn it on again.

Another thing which settles you incredibly well has been the Kari-me sling. I love carrying you in it strapped tightly to my chest, it keeps me very warm and I can reach down and kiss your head. It also protects you from the cold and wind and from nosy people who want to inspect you and you’re now strong enough to sit in it facing outwards so you can see the world. And if you get frantic and over tired then it calms you down, something your aba discovered at christmas! We’ve already been out for a country walk with you when aba was off work between christmas and new year, he carried you half the way in his ergo-baby and I carried you on the way back, which happened to be the uphill part!!

And at 4 months old you got your first cold – sneezes, coughs and a runny nose included. Apart from a few sleepless nights, struggling to breath through your nose and suck from a bottle with a blocked nose you have been amazing, better than I’ve been with the same cold, not even making a fuss when I squirt saline up your nose.

On the weekends Aba loves amusing you in our bed after you’ve spent some time on your mat. He’ll sit you on his knees and fly you in the air. We sing lots of songs with you, especially in the afternoon as we wait for Aba to come home – you love Humpty Dumpty, Wind the bobbin up and We went to the animal fair. We’ve also just started going to Rhyme Time at the Sure Start centre so will hopefully learn some more songs. They also gave us some books and told us to read a few pages every night so we’ve been reading That’s not my car with you. And when Aba puts you to sleep at night he says the bedtime shema with you and sings Adon Olam which you smile and gurggle along to.


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