It’s Wednesday 7th September and your due date came and went on Sunday 4th September and you’re still not here. Despite what everyone warned about due dates not always being ‘arrival dates’ I was a bit surprised that I didn’t feel at all different. So I ran around on Monday with mum and Nunu, collapsed on Tuesday and recovered enough on Wednesday to keep myself busy sorting out your new nursery at mum and dad’s house and buying you re-useable nappies.

My big sister can’t understand why we’re converting our little sister’s room into a space for you – apparently you should be stuck in my little old room at the back instead of the big lovely sunny room at the front, despite the fact that she lives abroad and only uses her room about twice a year!!  Funny people.

You seem to have a 3.5 hour sleep/awake cycle at the moment. In between I start to panic you’ve forgotten about waking and then you give a couple of strong nudges to remind me you’re around. The Branston Pickles are getting a bit stronger and more regular and they’re bunching near the top as opposed to all over – but nothing that would constitute labour.

I have booked an acupuncture appointment on Sunday and as I’m not too keen on needles I’d appreciate it if you could make an appearance before then! thanks.


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