Time for tea

Raspberry leaf tea that is!

It’s now just under a week to go until you’re due to appear and although I trust that ‘you know when to be born’ I figured a couple of days before the start of September it was safe to start thinking about you making an imminent appearance. So the Raspberry leaf tea has been bought and one cup consumed only to discover that 1) it’s all a bit of an old wives’ tale and 2) to have any effect they suggest starting it several weeks earlier. OK, I may just have to rely on the pineapple core trick instead.

It’s funny that until now the only thing we’ve been concerned about is that you don’t turn up early. And I’ve been quite relaxed until the doctor started talking about induction – I know that wouldn’t be for another 2 weeks but it freaks me out anyway because of all the stories you hear about it disrupting plans for a smooth labour. I was escorted into town by your grandmother to do my last freelance recording before you come – in their eyes you could drop out as I walk down the street but because I don’t feel any different to how I have been I can’t really understand what all the fuss is about. I’m pretty sure I’ll be aware of the fact that it’s all starting to kick off.

And I have to make sure I’m in rude health for when that happens. I finally got a descent night’s sleep after getting medication for the heartburn and think I may finally stop feeling like a zombie and actually get my appetite back beyond cereal/porridge/toast/pasta. You are pretty heavy so trying to move around in bed isn’t the easiest to accomplish without feeling as though i’m turning a beached whale. And admittedly at the end of the day my pelvis feels the weight too, it feels a bit like carrying around a block of cement with just your bones to support it.

Which makes sense because we are now an impressive 77kg (compared to 67kg at 14 weeks and probably 62kg when I got married) that’s just over 12 stone – wow! But even I have to admit that it doesn’t show too much – it must all be hidden in my deep pelvis which is where your head is at the moment. Nice and low, which made it a bit tricky for the midwife to locate – it took two of them. But you’re bundled up nice and neatly in front so I don’t really look like I’ve put on much weight at all, certainly no rubber tyres or massive bottoms. And walking along the street (early in the day) is still quite relaxed and easy, it’s not until I get tired later on that I start to resort to a more leisurely meander.

But little things remind me you’re still waiting to make an appearance – apart from the stretching you now seem to enjoy which results in a foot sized bump sticking out of the size of my tummy. I no longer have to adjust the seat in the car after your dad’s been driving because I can no longer sit upright in the car (not because I struggle to fit you behind the wheel but because I can’t really lean forward.) We now have 2 buggies waiting for you and your room has been filled with an impressive collection of baby things – changing table (see picture below), swinging crib (which amazingly your grandma saved from when we were little), bath, blankets, swing for me to carry you in, funky changing bag (unisex your dad can’t shirk off the responsibility of carrying it too!)

The only problem at the moment is that we’re struggling on names. We had some ideas and then they were stolen by others. We keep getting given very English suggestions that we’re not really that wild about. We’ve been through the name dictionary countless times but haven’t felt enlightened yet. I’m sure it would help if we knew what you were, but similarly lots of people say we can’t really decide until we see you so maybe there’s no need to worry. As long as you don’t come out looking like a Hephzibar!!


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