two and a half weeks to go!

You really must be getting squashed in there. There isn’t much room for you to squirm around like you had been doing up until now, rather you’re now all elbows and feet and shoulders protruding out of the side of my tummy as you stretch to try and create more room. I’m still not massive compared to the other expectant mums but we’ve decided it’s because i’m tall, i haven’t put on that much fat and there aren’t vast amounts of amniotic fluid surrounding you. So you’re pretty manageable and rather than be desperate to get you out i’m quite enjoying carrying you around like this. The heartburn I could do without (i can’t wait to eat chocolate again!) and you are getting rather heavy, so sleeping and getting off the floor are a bit tricky but otherwise all is well.

But now that it’s only weeks to go I decided it was probably time to start preparing the essentials, especially as you may decide you don’t fancy waiting that long. I finally bought clothes for you, all cream and white because you won’t answer your dad’s question as to whether you’re a boy or girl, not that it would have made tremendous difference because i figure it was best to keep the essentials plain so that other people can buy you fancy outfits. I washed them all, along with the blankets we’ve been given and the fitted sheet for your pram, and hung them in a display of tiny clothes outside on the grass in the sunshine, only to find they’d been blown over five minutes later and had little grass stains and squashed bugs on them.

Now i can start packing the hospital bag, some might say i’ve left it a bit late but it’s very strange to try and organise clothes and things for an event which still seems so foreign and for a little person who doesn’t actually need clothes at the moment but will emerge and need to be dressed and kept warm and brought home.


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