I give it 5 days…

Until my belly button starts to protude. It’s almost completely flat now having been pushed up by the enormous weight inside my tummy. I think I’m pretty lucky to have got this far without it popping and I’m intrigued to know if it’s genetic or luck of the umbilical cut. Either way the more exciting issue today is that it’s my last week at work. Not sure how I’ll feel about not getting up for work each day but I’m sure there’s plenty to fill my time, like washing baby clothes for a babe that isn’t even born yet. But first have to get through what’s going to be some HOT days – I know it doesn’t compare to the US but we don’t have air conditioning as standard! Apart from that I’m feeling good, you learn to cope with the heavy balloon stuck on your front and the little boggles that strike at the oddest times, like the shooting pain in your groin when you walk that you can’t get rid of and then which disappears when you walk up stairs – tres odd!


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