bump in the road

freak out number one. each time I go to see the midwife or doctor they measure the size of my bump to see how well the baby is growing. interestingly, it’s not the girth around my non-existent waist for instance – the measurement from the top of my pubic bone (symphysis) to the top of my uterus (fundus), which amazingly isn’t necessarily the top of the bump because you have to remember all my organs are squeezed up beneath my rib cage at the moment. You basically press on the top of the bump and feel where the baby begins and measure to there in cm and the figure should be roughly similar to the number of weeks you are. so at 25 weeks it measured 24cm and at 28 weeks it measured 28cm but then 3 weeks later at 31 weeks it had stubbornly stuck at 28cm. so according to the very informative graph provided in the maternity notes – it had gone from being one of the biggest babies to being one of the littlest. so having fretted all night and had tom try to reassure me with an explanation he found on the internet, i called the midwife in the morning who immediately told me to come in for a growth scan. turns out legs are growing fine, head growing well, blood flow is perfect but abdominal measurement isn’t a big as it should be. which they don’t seem too worried about because everything else appears to be ok. but being a hospital they have to make good use of the facilities so they hooked me up to a machine so the baby’s heartbeat could be monitored and I had to press a button everytime it moved.


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