36D and 29 weeks!

It’s getting fatter. The baby and subsequently the belly. I know this because not only is it taking up more room in my body but because I can feel it getting heavier. And as a result I’m starting to get those little niggles people always associate with pregnancy. The first is a little squeeze around the base of my spine which i believe has something to do with a sciatic nerve and the second, more frequent and slightly more uncomfortable is in my groin. I’d like to be able to say it was as I’d imagine groin strain to be but it doesn’t feel like it’s in the muscle, it actually feels as though something is pressing on my pelvic bone and the best description i’ve read that gives a sense of it is ‘stone on bone’. However, it is unlikely to be stones and more likely the baby, pressing down and expanding, which in turn is stretching my ligaments and hence giving me that feeling.  I’ve been assured by the father and the doctor that that’s normal in pregnancy – which is always reassuring. So whereas the 2nd trimester was light and fluffy, at 29 weeks i’m certainly starting to feel as though i’m being slowed down by this extra weight and I now proudly stand on the scales at just over 11 stone!


and a large proportion of that extra weight must be the boobies!! i am officially – yes, according to the John Lewis magic breast measurement ladies – a 36D. You can imagine their frustration when having discovered that I actually fit comfortably into all the fancy bras, I then proceeded to try on every bra in the department and pose in front of the mirror, just to experience what normal bra shopping feels like rather than the sense that you can never quite fill a cup. I was then informed that they don’t recommend underwired bras for pregnancy which then eliminated 95% of the bras in the shop and left me with a very limited choice. in fact i don’t think i had any choice because one fit so badly and the other i took just because i didn’t want to walk out empty handed. boo! it’s very funny because I think it’s a very old fashioned shape (like mum wears) with no padding and shows your breasts’ natural shape – which is basically triangular – rather than the plump round wonderbra versions we’re used to seeing on ourselves!


One thought on “36D and 29 weeks!

  1. It's not stone on bone, it's bone on bone! Skull bone! Sounds good to me. Thankfully in a good position. Now stay there babe, just like that – upside down like where your ancestors come from. xx

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