New clothes

What beautiful new clothes I got today! At this rate I won’t have to buy any maternity clothes myself, hopefully they’ll all arrive for me via delivery and I can just enjoy wearing them! Thank you, they’re gorgeous and nunu especially liked the skinny jeans. They’re in my “waiting to get really fat” draw.

On another note I know I’m feeling better because this afternoon I made banana and chocolate muffins and a banana loaf with the thousands of over-ripe bananas I had that mum left me when she went away. I haven’t baked since before Xmas. And also apart from a slightly swollen belly and the cocktail of colic acid, vitamin d and iron concoction I take every day, I don’t really feel pregnant and am waiting to a) get a bump, b) feel movement or c) hear the heart beat again on the ultrasound. Very weird that the first 16 weeks of pregnancy I’ll always associate with nausea but now I’m in a bit of limbo waiting for the next stage to kick in. I suppose not wanting to touch meat should be a pretty good indicator! I could murder a rare steak!!


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