Back to normal


Having had a really rotten last couple of weeks I woke up on Friday and it was as though it had all been a bad dream. No headache, no nausea, I was out of bed and bounding to work. Amazing to have my energy back, although I am obviously getting through it a lot quicker because by the end of the day I’m shattered but in a good way. Up until now I’ve not felt like I had any energy to start with.

And of course thinking back now everyone said ‘wait until week 16’ and you’ll start feeling better and I had thought what prays, why is everything going to suddenly change at week 16, but it did!

Still having difficulty with food, feel nautilus going into our kitchen, which isn’t great because it means Tom is doing nearly all the washing up and the contents of the fridge are piling high. Not interested in vegetables that look like vegetables, give me carrot soup or mashed potato and I’m fine but whole broccoli and boiled veg are the devils food. Also gone totally off meat (and possibly fish). Tom made a sterling effort with beef burgers, muni tried stuffed cabbage leaves and mum a steak in tomato sauce but apart from forcing it down, I wouldn’t choose to do it again soon. oh no – what has happened to my carnivorous side? Even chicken is a no go.

Pasta is excellent though, especially when someone else has made the sauce. Just had dinner with nunu, she’s hilarious with all the bits she tears out of the newspaper for me. The most recent being ‘why breast feeding makes your child more clever’ and ‘singing lullabies (not nursery rhymes) to your unborn child helps develop it’s language skills’. Apparently a babies aural capacity is the fastest thing to develop so they’re all pressuring me to listen to classical music. Do you think playing the radio in the car counts? How loud exactly does it need to be? Should I press my belly up to the speaker? The telegraph doesn’t give you that sort of useful information, does it!!


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