Googly eyes

Apparently one of the side effects of pregnancy which I have never ever heard of before is that your eyes change shape! I actually guffawed when dad suggested it as a cause for my headaches but then I booked to see the gp this morning and she said the same thing. I say she but it was actually JT. I phoned to book an appointment, they offered me her and I thought who better to look after me, especially as I’m guaranteed to see her more than once, which I haven’t done with any other doctor at the surgery! It was fun. She calculated by EDD (go google!) as 4 sept although it’s likely to change with the scan next week. The gp shares care of me with the midwives so after about 25 weeks I’ll go to the surgery about once a month to have blood pressure checked and the height of my uterus measured! What? I could hear me exclaiming, although i didn’t say it out loud – i thought it’d be intriguing to find out what that entails later on.

I get free prescriptions while pregnant, free nhs dentistry and a book with everything I’ll need to know. Over lunch I tested dad on drugs and treatments, which I couldn’t catch him out on because he seemed to know the people who developed all the techniques still used for inducing labour and delivering the placenta. And then he started reminiscing about the days when he delivered babies and the lack of choice women had – including the common practice of shaving them before delivery to ‘prevent infection’. I thought a good wax and enema would be perfectly sufficient.

So I now have some exciting choices to make including – do I want an active or high-tech birth? Natural or medical pain relief? The option to tear or have an episiotomy (go google)? And most importantly T has to decide if he wants to cut the cord!!!! B+


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