if i ignore it…

there’s a very good reason I waited so long to tell you all i was pregnant and a very good reason why in all the weeks I’ve been pregnant I haven’t yet been to the GP. The first is that I hadn’t been intending to get pregnant so quickly so I really wasn’t prepared and the second is that I hadn’t been intending to get pregnant so quickly so it’s been easier to ignore it until I couldn’t ignore it any longer. No sinister reason. No delusion of invincibility (I’ve felt a lot less than invincible these past 3 months) and certainly not because I thought I could leave it all to the doctor in the family. I just haven’t wanted to have to think about it because I was just getting used to being married, finally living with Tom again and trying to get to grips with work. Now I’ll go to the doctor because it’s obvious the time has come when I can’t really get away with ignoring it any longer. b+


2 thoughts on “if i ignore it…

  1. Well I'm glad that you said this, not because I thought there was any sinister reason you didn't tell us sooner, but because I think I felt a bit like you did at first and I was upset that I wasn't all excited etc. As I've thought about what it all means more I have definitely become more used to it, and it's really cool reading your thoughts about what's happening so I don't feel so detached and removed from what's going on.Glad you saw JT and that your headache/eyes situation has been worked out. Shame about the glasses though.Looking forward to hearing what today brought in the life of B+. xx

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