Stretchy skirts rule!

I can’t believe that two months ago I was wearing a size 10 and now mum is buying me the latest stretchy skirts from m&s in a size till at least their relatively form fitting and you’ll be glad to know I don’t really fit them yet and have instead taken the size 12 khaki cotton skirt mum had bought for herself until I can’t decently squeeze myself into it anymore. Assorted shirts accompany the look – peasant and billowing are the order of the day. please rescue me from the nightmare of having to build a whole new wardrobe without you two here to keep me on track!


jelly belly

i’m quite aware of the fact that i’ve put on weight since the wedding. but you know when you poke your belly flat it’s usually quite firm and when it shakes it moves as opposed to really wobble. well sitting in my hans wegner designer chair this morning, i wobbled my belly and it actually wobbled. as though it was a balloon full of water. not firm like usual fat but soft and squidgy and moving around as though it was a wobbly jelly. it seems as though i’m not just getting fat, there’s something else going on. just thought you’d like to know! b+